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Cloudera specializing in big data and analytics solutions. Cloudera was founded in 2008. With a strong focus on data management and analytics, Cloudera has established itself as a trusted provider in the IT industry.

Cloudera offers a comprehensive range of software and hardware solutions to help organizations effectively manage and analyze their data. Their flagship product, Cloudera Enterprise, is a powerful data platform that enables businesses to store, process, and analyze large volumes of data. Additionally, Cloudera provides a suite of tools and services for data integration, data engineering, data science, and machine learning. Their software offerings are designed to empower businesses with actionable insights and drive data-driven decision-making.

Cloudera specializes in various technology types that are crucial for modern data-driven enterprises. They have expertise in big data technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Apache Kafka, which are widely used for processing and analyzing large datasets. Cloudera also excels in cloud computing, enabling organizations to leverage the scalability and flexibility of cloud platforms for their data management needs. Furthermore, they have a strong focus on cybersecurity and data governance, ensuring that businesses can securely manage and protect their data assets. With their specialized knowledge and experience, Cloudera is well-positioned to assist organizations in harnessing the power of technology for their data-driven initiatives.

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